Best Laptops for School Students

With the school coming up many students need to upgrade their gear. Some will need to update their software and OS , others will need printers and speakers to give their rooms a new look. Many will just need to update their laptops to have the latest hardware, processor and graphics for handling their work. To help you make your choice, sellers have the back-to-school sales. But how can you be sure that you’re getting the best hardware?

Here are some of the best back-to-school deals of 2019 for smartphones, tablets and even fully-featured laptops with the best laptops for teachers.


Over the decade Apple has had one of the most consistent back-to-school sales. From iPhones and iPads to Macbooks students recive notable discounts every summer. Buyers can get a $50 discount off the Macbook Air, which is a light, fully functional model that can serve most needs. Also they can get a $100 of the Macbook Pro, one of the best laptops for working with designs and visuals.

That’s not all. All students who buy a mac will get a $100 Apple Store Credit, which can be used for music, tv, apps and more. iPad purchasers will get a $50 credit as well. If you’re not a fan of the Apple Store, you can get $50 off an iPad Air or iPad Mini with Retina Display, if you buy it from Best Buy.


HP has some solid laptops deals. Buyers can save $100 off any laptop priced over $700 if they buy a HP Plus Tablet alongside. The HP Pavilion x360 is a nice mix of stilysh, well-designed and affordable.


The Acer Aspire series is a flexible and reasonably priced laptop line that will fit most students’ needs. The Aspire V7-482PG-6629 Touchscreen Ultrabook is a great choice. Students can get $100 off, currently. The V7 comes packed with a full HD 14-inch display, surround sound and can stream media to your TV without wires. Also the device is protected by the Acer Theft Shield, in case it is stolen.


Microsoft offers a lot of options for saving, from software to cheap Beats. But out of the many, two deals really stand out.  There is a $150 discount on the Surface Pro 3 (without keyboard). This laptop-tablet hybrid is a stylish, strong performer that will serve students’ needs well. Also, for the students who are still using older Windows OS, Windows offers a $70 upgrade to Windows 8. While it’s not perfect, Windows 8 is essential for a lot of the latest software.


Over the years, Lenovo’s Thinkpads have been reliable for business types and students. These solid laptops have strong performance and long battery life. Lenovo is offering a $100 discount to the Thinkpads. The T440 and X1 are some great choices.


T-Mobile has one of the greatest back-to-school phone deals. Students receive a $50 credit on their T-Mobile bill, which can go towards any new voice or data activation, including adding a new line of service. They will also receive an additional $25 reward card if they purchase a device when they add a new line of service. To top all that, students get free standard shipping, can utilize the data in over 100 countries and don’t need to sign an annual contract or activation fees.